New Canons (American Composers Orchestra)

We usually try to ignore latency (the delay between live sound and transmitted sound) in virtual concerts…but what if it’s an integral part of the music?

Join American Composers Orchestra and Groupmuse Foundation for a hybrid in-person and virtual concert featuring works by two composers who experiment with latency and technology in their music, and three interactive works through which we welcome one another into a collective landscape in which all sounds become music.

Ray Lustig‘s Latency Canons calls for multiple string quartets and an orchestra to perform together while spread out across the world. Trevor New uses technology to manipulate latency for remote musicians in his newly commissioned work, CoherePauline Oliveros‘ Environmental Dialogue invites us to hear and respond to sounds both within our own space and in those shared by participants near and far. All Possible Music by Chris Kallmyer is a collection of speculative scores that describe all of the music that could ever happen. A symphonious, surround-sound performance, Polyphonic Interlace by Raquel Acevedo Klein invites participants to travel amidst a sea of voices, emerging from several directions, as attendees are invited to play the piece’s musical tracks from their smartphones.

Audiences and performers alike will be dispersed and networked together in real time – American Composers Orchestra will perform at the DiMenna Center conducted by Peter Askim, the Bergamot Quartet will perform at the Murray Hill Groupmuse location, Ligeti Quartet and Solem Quartet from the United Kingdom, and seven soloists will participate from locations around the world, including:

  1. Diego Tejedor, violin | Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Bernd Keul, bass | Berlin, Germany
  3. Raymond Seng’enge, violin | Tanzania
  4. Gaurab Chatterjee, hand percussion | India
  5. Jocelyn Clark, Gayageum | Korea
  6. Patti Kilroy, violin | Los Angeles, California
  7. Trevor New, viola | New York, New York