Upcoming events

December 2019

Concert in Bristol

The Ligeti Quartet perform two pieces written for them in 2019. Firstly a brand new commission by Robin Haigh, his String Quartet which includes a tribute to scat singer Shooby Taylor, recorders (as always), an imitation of singing Samoyed dogs, and "technical death metal through a folk fiddle idiom". And then Tom Green's Solstice Songs, a reimagining of traditional festive tunes.

July 2020

Music at Port Milford - Session I

Established in 1987, Music at Port Milford offers an intensive four-week chamber music experience for serious string players, woodwind players and pianists between the ages of 12 and 18. 

The focused, cooperative atmosphere allows students to produce refined weekly performances of chamber, choral, and orchestral works. The outstanding music faculty serve as both coaches and mentors. Musicianship and community shape the Port Milford experience.