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June 2019

Daylight Music: Magnetic String Resonance

Pianist, composer and improviser Xenia Pestova Bennett will curate a special afternoon featuring the Magnetic Resonator Piano, an exciting new instrument designed by the radical inventor Andrew McPherson. A grand piano will be completely transformed into a stunning acoustic cyborg with electromagnets suspended above the strings, allowing for control of minute details of shimmering resonance and gorgeous sustained tones.

The Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

Gustav Holst’s The Planets rocked the classical world a century ago. Shaped by an astrological understanding of our solar system, the seven-piece composition became a mainstream classic. However, since its first performance in 1918, planetary science has made huge strides, visiting our solar system neighbours through probes, rovers and orbiters, and revealing much about each planet’s true character.
July 2019

Raymond Warren at 90

A lunchtime concert in the presence of Raymond Warren followed by a drinks reception.


Warren: String Quartet No.2
Warren: A Star Danced for solo Cello and Chamber Orchestra.

Performed by the Ligeti Quartet & students from St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, Bristol