Upcoming events

February 2019

London Festival of American Music

This programme explores music by living American composers. Beginning with a ten-thousand-year-old affirmation of spiritual balance, the plea for peace and justice is heard through different musical expressions. It also showcases the emerging composer Sarah Rimkus in a new work written for the Ligeti Quartet, inspired by the sounds of the human voice.

March 2019

Classical Sheffield

Ligeti Quartet perform a programme for International Women’s Day, featuring three pieces composed for them: Singing Strings (commissioned with the support of the RVW Trust), Mento Mood (commissioned by Cheltenham Festival) and Venus (commissioned by Sound UK).

This is a University of Sheffield Concerts Performance.

March 2019

Open Circuit Festival: Interactive Traces

This event will feature the London-based Ligeti Quartet and will involve realizations of dynamic audiovisual scores that guide the production of sound & music as well as other interactive sonic visualizations. The programme will include selections from an international call for works as well as new works by University of Liverpool composers.

May 2019


What does the brain sound like? Neuroscientist and composer Cliff Kerr explores what happens when performers become composers by translating their brain activity in real time into musical scores. Leveraging recent advances in non-invasive EEG hardware and time series analysis methods information is extracted from the brain.