"Today, in the battle, who we are"

New works for string quartet by composers of the Cornelius Cardew Concerts Trust as tributes to Cornelius in this his 85th anniversary year, which is also 40 years since his untimely death. The concert, organised by the Cornelius Cardew Concerts Trust in association with Morley College and the Ligeti Quartet, celebrates how Cornelius Cardew linked his music with the struggle to open the door to progress. It aims to uphold Cardew’s legacy of having fidelity to the ensemble of human relations, and being dedicated to the creation of a new world of socialised humanity.

Jonathan Case: Protest Song for String Quartet
Michael Chant: A Backward Glance
Rob Cooper: Navigators: a journey
Alison Doubleday: Personality
Elif Nur Karlidag: Naat
Jane Serter: Frames Within Frames
Hugh Shrapnel: Breathing Life
Patrice Tournier: Resisting Stop Resisting