Carla Magnan - Pulse and light

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A particular request from the quartet that commissioned this work: to take the notes of the last two bars of Krzystof Penderecki's First String Quartet and from there start a new piece. PULSE AND LIGHT starts from the last seconds of the First Quartet of 1960, starting right from the reb of the cello, the last note at a defined pitch used for this work by the Polish composer.

In 2020 this piece became the second movement of a larger quartet: E LENTAMENTE PRENDE FORMA dedicated to the new Genoa San Giorgio bridge, created by architect Renzo Piano after the tragedy of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge on 14 August 2018, inspired by the poem Litania by Giorgio Caproni and the work of the musician painter Adalberto Borioli. “Genoa of iron and air” are the words that Renzo Piano told in his conversations thinking about the new bridge. "A bridge that is like a ship, a great white vessel that crosses the valley step by step, in silence. This bridge plays with light and wind, from here those who come from the North discover the light coming from the sea, discover the Mediterranean. I think of the verses of the poet Giorgio Caproni who defines “Genoa of iron and wind”: I would like this bridge to be seen like this: of iron and air, built in steel but forged by the wind. Now the bridge is yours. Long life to the San Giorgio bridge ".

Extract from Renzo Piano's speech for the inauguration of the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge, 3 August 2020

Composer: Carla Magnan

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Carla Magnan, was born in Genoa (Italy), is composer, teacher and founding editor (associate director) of the review of contemporary musical research SuonoSonda. She got her diploma in Composition, Piano and Harpsichord, she took a diploma in advanced composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome and the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, under the guidance of Azio Corghi.

Her language comprises both classical forms going back to baroque and the most daring experimental ways of writing "…it is something wise and lovable, ratio and eros will converge to the same extent - there is abandonment - to stay in the modern, in the present, which is given by the melodies that stop themself, get lost and seek ways where the free sound intends to assert its rights" (M. Gamba, press)

The Simc has selected some her works for the ISCM World Music Days for Hong Kong (2007), Lituania (2008) and for Belgium (2012). The winner of competitions in composition, she has often been mentioned for artistic merit for her work. She is also author of theatrical operas, during her intense activity as a composer she was awarded prizes and her works are regularly performed in prestigious places all over Italy and abroad.

She teaches at the Italians Conservatory from 2004. On 8 March 2018 she was appointed Ambassador of Genoa in the World by the Mayor of Genoa, together with 28 other female excellences linked to the City.