Fatou Sourang - My sorrow

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String quartet No. 2 My sorrow was written during a period of profound sadness and anxiety for the composer. A deep sense of insecurity and confusion was surrounding her world for many months. This piece is an outburst of all the emotions, feelings, and thoughts that the composer was experiencing at the time. In a way, this piece is a desperate call for help, for being listened to and understood.

Composer: Fatou Sourang

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Photo of Fatou Sourang

Born in Italy in 1996, Fatou Sourang is a young Italian and Senegalese Pianist-Composer. Started studying the piano at the age of ten, she then decided to study composition at the age of 15. Her pieces had premieres since the early beginning. In 2014 her first piece Rapsodia a colori has been performed in a concert provided by her high school, and in 2015 her score for the short movie Retour à la raison had its premiere in the Sardinia Film Festival. In 2016, she has a premiere of her piece All day I hear the noise of water and in 2018 her Sextet of Strings has been performed during the Commemoration of the 50 years of the Conservatory in the event 50x50.

Recently the first movement of her Piano Trio in A minor has been shortlisted in the Malaysian UiTM Piano Trio Composition Competition 2021, reaching the finals. She also released two new piano pieces, Reflection on Scriabin and Serenade, and her piece For piano and cello. These last are available on her YouTube channel. Currently, she is attending a master’s degree in Composition at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.


Workshop video