Ines Lütge - Two Pencil Sketches

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"No less than a “whole creative and life story” emerges when he distinguishes the “pencil field” from the pen field" - wrote the Swiss poet Robert Walser. Even if this “pencil system” caused him “real torment” at times, he owed him the way out of an existential writing crisis in a “time of disruption”.

These “micrograms”, which Robert Walser wrote down with a pencil on tiny pieces of paper during his life, inspired me to write my “Pencil Sketches for String Quartet”. The two pieces I have added belong to a cycle of a total of 12 “Pencil Sketches” - but they can also be easily removed from this collection and performed separately.

Composer: Ines Lütge

Composer photo
Photo of Ines Lütge

Ines Lütge wurde 1974 in Helmstedt geboren. Sie studiert an der Hochschule für Musik Würzburg Klavier und seit 1998 Komposition bei Heinz Winbeck. 2002 erhielt sie ein Stipendium des Freistaates Bayern für einen halbjährigen Aufenthalt an der Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.


1999: 1st prize in the competition on the occasion of the Glass Festival in the Bavarian Forest for the ensemble piece "Prisma"
2002: Selection of the orchestral piece "The days fall" for a performance by the Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra as part of the Saarbrücken composers' workshop
2004: six-month scholarship for a stay at the Cité des Arts in Paris
2018: 1st prize in the competition "Florence String Quartet calls for Scores"
2021: Bavarian Composition Prize for "A New Song - Bavarians set to music via-nova"