Ivar Frounberg - Urtiin Duu

Workshop performance video

This is about a classically European trained composer meeting the Urtiin Duu singing-tradition in Mongolia. I attended the Roaring Hooves Festival in 2007 and fell in love with the Urtiin Duu, as well as the Khoimi-singing, in love with the people, the shamans and the rituals, in love with the desert, the camels, motorbikes and old busses. I myself migrated from Denmark to Norway, my ancestors migrated north from Germany. I searched for, and found, resonance in the nomadic culture still prevalent in Mongolia. The music is a traditional Urtiin Duu-song heterophonically distributed in three voices, repeated in a cyclic transformation between the four instruments of the quartet. Beside the song, small 'comments' from European contemporary music are injected. The music should be performed without a strict coordination between the players, the fermatas do indicate temporary meeting points.

Composer: Ivar Frounberg

Composer photo
Photo of Ivar Frounberg

Ivar Frounberg (b. 1950), Danish composer, professor in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music from 2000-2012, assistant professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music 1994-2001 in composition and electro-acoustic music. Frounberg composed music in all genres from solo pieces to symphony orchestra. He was early in working with interactive computer performance. He has now retired and writes auto-fictional short stories...