James M. Creed - Seven Lines for the Ligeti Quartet

Workshop performance video

Seven Lines for the Ligeti Quartet is a simple piece about coming and going, about the meeting of the many forces at play in apparent stillness, and about playing together. Three chords - an alternating pair and a bookend - are repeated and run through simple incremental processes as the piece unfolds. It is composed with and structured by a text:

strange to call it a sea
every river in the same boat
forgotten and remembered in the firth
the Colorado and the Yaqui share a gulf
down at the south tip of California
high tide cradled by a kind moon
on the first night of spring

Composer: James M. Creed

Composer photo
Mugshot of James Creed

James is a British and American composer and guitarist based in London. His scores are primarily concerned with simple materials and the questions posed by notation. His music has recently been performed for audiences at Union Chapel, Bishopsgate Institute, Extinction Rebellion and Matchstick Piehouse Theatre, as well as featuring regularly in programmes at Goldsmiths, University of London where he has recently completed undergraduate study. The first album of his scores, Southcote, is to be released on September 28 with NX Records.