Joy Ingle - walk the shore

Workshop performance video

walk the shore is a piece in which the physical, cartographical, sonic and emotional concepts of place, specifically the Dorset coast, converge and are explored. Written for string quartet and tape part (, the piece combines written notation with improvisation. The performers are encouraged to respond freely to the tape part, which features field recordings from Lulworth Cove, Eype, and Kimmeridge Bay, interspersed with recordings of people living in and around the coast talking about their experiences. The performers are also given fragments of coastal footpaths from the areas mentioned in the tape part to interpret as they see fit. These were taken from the Ordinance Survey maps of West Lulworth, Weymouth, Abbotsbury and Lyme Regis.

Thank you to Rachel, Jonny, Anthony and Frances for sharing your stories with me.

Composer: Joy Ingle

Composer photo
Photo of Joy Ingle

Joy is a composer based in Leeds, UK. Having just graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in History and Music, during which they wrote a variety of acoustic and electronic pieces, they are now looking to explore concepts of landscapes, environment and ecology through their work. They have been playing the fiddle for over ten years, giving them a firm folk background and have just started learning the Northumbrian small pipes! Joy will be starting a Masters course in Critical and Experimental Composition at the University of Leeds this September.