Judith Lang Zaimont - 'The Figure' - 1: In Shadow

Workshop performance video

Everything in String Quartet ‘The Figure’ derives from the three-part figure of the opening bars: a chromatic two-chord unit, crisp motive of four quick notes then a longer one, and a forceful downward progression. The two movement titles are drawn from the visual realm, where ‘figure’ also has meaning and where effects of light upon form are critical to rendering. In Shadow is an essay loosely in three parts; its fleet mid-section calls for foot-stamps as added energizers when the tessitura rises high. In Bright Light emphasizes contrast and edge but also brings the comfort of warmth. After a frontal opening, the five-note portion of the figure evolves into warm melody. Later, though, the drama of mvt. I interrupts (again), and the piece closes with dissipating triads in harmonics.

Composer: Judith Lang Zaimont

Composer photo
Photo of Judith Lang Zaimont

The music of Judith Lang Zaimont (b. 1945) is internationally acclaimed for its immediacy, dynamism and emotion and is performed world-wide. Her style is distinguished by its spirit of rhapsody featuring sudden shifts in texture, instrumental coloring and atmosphere. Her 132 works include many prize-winning pieces covering every genre: Six symphonies, chamber opera, music for wind ensemble, for chorus and solo voice, and works for individual instruments plus a wide variety of chamber music. Her principal publishers are Subito Music (http://www.subitomusic.com), Galaxy/ ECS, Jeanné and Vivace.

  • 2020-21 Feature Composer Interview for March 2021 at NewMusicBox.
  • Guest Composer (virtual) for February '21: University of South Florida New Music Consortium -- Lecture and Portrait Concert with three premieres.
  • ELEGY for Symphonic Strings performed by BBC Concert Orchestra for Good Friday concert (broadcast worldwide).
  • In Praise of HEROES for concert band - premiere summer '21. "When darkness falls", Keyboard Cousins, "America, the Beautiful" variation - all commissions. "My heart within me is desolate" (violin solo), requested.
  • Performances include London Symphony Orchestra chamber players, and National Philharmonic.
  • Spring 2019: Completed 6th Symphony - Symphony of Seasons.