Mandy Leung - Chacier

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Chacier is from the 4th movement of my String Quartet No. 1, in which the four movements are all connected by a single motif (D - G - Eb - F#). Chacier begins with a breathless ‘Vivo’ that draws from the Ukrainian Dorian mode on C, in which the motif can be found (C - D - Eb - F# - G - A - Bb - C). This section’s power and robustness is created using consecutive downbows and unison passages. Cross-rhythmic and hocketted pizzicato is used as a transition between sections. The middle section is chorale-like with its homophonic texture and the use of mutes creates a peaceful atmosphere like in the second movement. Then, in the second ‘Vivo’ section a broader appassionato climax uses material from the chorale and features a thicker texture built up from arpeggios. The final ‘Vivo’ section is performed more urgently and ends with a pizzicato chord just like the first movement.

Composer: Mandy Leung

Composer photo
Photo: Mandy Leung

Mandy is an emerging composer, multi-instrumentalist, and secondary music teacher based in Wales, UK. She is currently supported by the PRS Women Make Music fund and Sound and Music's COVID-19 Composer Award, and her music has been broadcast on Radio 3 by BBC National Orchestra of Wales as part of Composition: Wales 2021. Her latest commissions include Nostos from Opera North, Mae Yna Obaith from National Eisteddfod and Ty Cerdd, Ebb and Flow from Operasonic, and Aurora from BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Ty Cerdd; written for Robert Plane.