Matias Vestergård - TRÆK I. Bastard Wing (Alula)

Workshop performance video

The first movement of a string quartet I wrote in the autumn of 2019. Sounds of bird wings flapping alternate with stylized bird-cries, until the two kinds of music are acrobatically combined in the end, which creates the illusion of a double string quartet. The four musicians act as one big organism throughout.

Composer: Matias Vestergård

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Photo of Matias Vestergård

Matias Vestergård is currently enrolled in the advanced postgraduate programme at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark, studying composition. He’s written music in many genres - solo works, choir and chamber music, orchestral works, a ballet score, and a chamber opera with a cast of 21. His music is characterized by clear lyrical intent, refined orchestration, playfulness, and a technical and stylistic flexibility that allows him to work both with amateurs and professionals. Upcoming projects include an album recording with Danish label Da Capo, a new horror opera, and a commission from Ensemble Recherche.


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