Vong Hin-ching - Psyche

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Psyche, the Greek goddess of the soul. The butterfly wings are the symbol of her. Moreover, there is a philosophical argument related to butterfly. "Zhuang Zhou Dreams of Being a Butterfly", Zhuangzi wondered he was a man who dreamed of being a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming of being a man which is so striking. It illustrates "the distinction between waking and dreaming is another false dichotomy. If you distinguish them, how can you tell if you are now dreaming or awake?" In my dream, I dreamed of becoming a butterfly, the embodiment of my soul. Do we only can be our soul in our dream? Would you rather have no soul in reality or only being a soul in your dream? In 2020, we cover our face by masks. And our soul cover by the reality. Can we be the soul in our dream? Is it a butterfly? Butterfly is the main theme of the music. It can be simply divided into two parts. The first part is ‘Transformation’. The second part, ‘the New Wings’. The main musical element is the change of the texture.

Composer: Vong Hin-ching

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Photo of Vong Hin-ching

Vong Hin-ching studied composition and electronic music with Tang Man-ngai, Cheung Pui-shan and Hui Ngo-shan at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Vong has written solo, chamber, orchestral, electronic works. Her compositions included ‘Moon Stealer’ for Chinese ensemble , ‘Gecko’ for three percussionists.