Date of composition
2 Minutes
String quartet

Part of the Nouvelles Études, 14 new pieces inspired by György Ligeti's Études for piano, as part of the 2023 celebrations for the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Generously supported by Britten Pears Arts, BBC Radio 3, Bourgie Hall, the Vaughan Williams Foundation, and private donations.

First performed in 2023 at the Aldeburgh Festival.

As the glacier of Montreal winter recedes, the decay of infrastructure reveals itself - cracks and rivulets filled with water running to miniature lakes in asphalt. Tiny moraines made of broken glass strewn about in an ecosystem that will never emerge. Lines scurry and meander like roughly hewn micropolyphony.

Events for this work

November 2023

Ligeti Festival - Concert 2

Delve into the world of György Ligeti’s chamber music, from his youthful forays into composition inspired by Hungarian folklore to the radical experimentations of his later years. / Ces musiciens et musiciennes d'exception nous entraînent au cœur de l’univers de György Ligeti, de ses premiers essais de jeunesse inspirés du folklore hongrois aux expérimentations radicales de sa maturité.
June 2023