Anastasia Vinogradova - Introduction & Sonatina Op. 22a

Workshop performance video

Introduction & Sonatina are two movements extracted from my second string quartet which can be played separately as an autonomous piece. The first movement is very short and compact, influenced by the aphoristic nature of miniatures from Bartók's Mikrokosmos cycle. The second movement begins with a robust fugato, the main musical aspect is the ostinato. Despite the title, the discourse doesn't follow the classical sonata form as we know, but the motivic transformations suggest an idea of perpetual development until the vigorous last bars.

Composer: Anastasia Vinogradova

Composer photo
Photo of Anastasia Vinogradova

Anastasia Vinogradova was born on 2nd April 1994 in Lausanne (Switzerland). She studied piano with Enrico Camponovo and followed the lectures of analysis and elements of composition presented by William Blank at the HEMU in Lausanne. She continued her musical studies in the composition class (Bachelor) of Xavier Dayer at the Hochschule die Kunst Bern (HKB) in Bern. Her current catalogue includes four piano sonatas, three symphonies, two string quartets and several chamber and orchestral works.