Angela Slater - Distorted Light

Workshop performance video

Distorted light explores the idea of light being distorted through different prisms create spectrums of colour. This is evoked through rhythmic pulsating patterns on harmonics that keep changing the shift of the harmony and emphasis of pitch. A melody of sorts is create across the quartet through the passing of these accented moments.

The cello's entries gradually begin to dissipate these pulsating harmonics with fierce and emotive solo material, that are then punctuated by small glimmers of material related to the opening material. These punctuations gradually transform into less defined material allowing the lines to interweave in a more fluid manner than before. The pulsating harmonic material little by little begins to make its presence known once again before floating into the distance as the piece closes.

Composer: Angela Slater

Composer photo
Photo of Angela Slater

Angela Elizabeth Slater is a UK-based composer. In her AHRC-funded PhD at University of Nottingham, Angela developed an interest in musically mapping different aspects of the natural world into the fabric of her music.
Recent significant achievements include being selected to become a 2020 Tanglewood Composition, a Britten-Pears Young Artist through which Angela worked with Oliver Knussen, Colin Matthews and Michael Gandolfi, developing Soaring in Stasis which received its premiere at 2018 Aldeburgh Festival. Angela recently became the New England Philharmonic’s 2018 call for scores winner resulting in the world-premiere of Roil in Stillness in April 2019.