Barbara Mayer - Inspiracoes- Tres Miniaturas

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Inspiracoes - Tres Miniaturas para Quarteto de Arcos (1. Fogo de Artifício - 2. Espelho - 3. Tesoura)
Inspirations - 3 Miniatures for String Quartet (1. Fireworks - 2. Mirror - 3. Scissors)

Barbara Mayer`s string quartet "Inspirations" consists of three varied and virtuoso miniatures: They represent sonic images in relation to their figurative titles taking the audience to various sound worlds and moods. Each movement is based on specific features, tempi and on a specific compositional technique which is perceptible from the musical structure in the score. The first sonic image, "Fireworks", for example, is characterized by the use of sforzati, glissandi, double stops and fast changing dynamic/pitch ranges, whereas the second piece, "Mirror", contrasts to the sparkling and crackling 1st movement with a nearly static atmosphere and spectacular timbral effects created by slight shifts in the hovering and colourful soundscapes of the piece. The 3rd miniature, "Scissors", fascinates with vibrant rhythmical layers and a mechanical sound character. Personal experiences of artistic stays abroad in Portugal and Brazil had a strong impact on this composition reflected in the Portuguese titles of this string quartet.

Composer: Barbara Mayer

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Photo of Barbara Mayer

Barbara Mayer was born near Augsburg in Germany showing a great talent for piano, composition and improvisation at a very early age. She went on to pursue her musical studies in composition and piano at the prestigious Mozarteum Salzburg and Anton-Bruckner-Universität Linz in Austria, where she studied with renowned Professors such as Adriana Hölszky and Margit Haider-Dechant. Barbara attended the Escola Superior de Música in Lisbon with an OEAD scholarship. In 2010, the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra commissioned her to compose a piano concerto inspired by themes of Richard Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde”. Her project culminated with the premiere of her concerto “Tristanesk”, performed by Mayer herself and the Augsburg Philharmonics in 2011. After completing her Master studies with the highest honours, Barbara has recently received her PhD in Musicology at Mozarteum with an excellent final grade.

Barbara is the first female winner of the Young Artists’ Award for Composition of the City of Augsburg in their 50 years of history, 1st prizewinner in both piano and composition sections of the IBLA Grand Prize World Music Competition (Ragusa/New York) including a special distinction for her composition "Rigoletto im Spiegelland".

Her numerous concert activities and commissioned works further highlight her excellence in her musical career, having composed for the Augsburg Philharmonics, the Edition Apollon Bonn etc. She has performed her own compositions across various countries in Europe and Latin America in numerous festivals. Some performance highlights include prestigious venues, such as the Mozarteum Wiener Saal and the Gasteig in Munich.


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