Bledar Kondi - Musica naturata

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The title musica naturata was thought in analogy with the philosophical concept of natura naturata, which constitutes the essence, character, creative force and the primordial basis of things and facts in logical space. The purpose of this piece is not to objectify any synthetic unity of music in nature, or nature in music, it rather re-emphasizes the fundamental fact that even the most unnatural sounds belong to the nature of music.

The use of new extended techniques increases the differentiation of sound colours but it says nothing about their natural efficacy and aesthetic sublimation within the musical piece. Musica naturata articulates the tension between condensed substance and extended energy, passive material and active form, textural spatialization and timbric spectrum. Musical gestures that might evoke breathing, sighing, trembling, dewdrops, bird singing or the vernal burst of buds aim to counterbalance the abstract alienation of musical thinking.

This quartet pays tribute to Helmut Lachenmann.

Composer: Bledar Kondi

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Photo: Bledar Kondi

Bledar Kondi is a composer and ethnomusicologist. After learning trumpet and piano at the middle school for art, he studied composition at the Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania. He continued his post-graduate studies at Martin Luther University in Halle, Germany, where he received the PhD degree on ethnomusicology. In his compositions, Kondi tries to explore the essential relationship between sound and being that is aesthetically objectified in every human expression and intersubjective communication from local to global level. Inspired by abstract plasticity of concrete instrumental music as well by emancipatory power of graphic and stochastic constellations, he aims to penetrate into the concealed content of music and attain its secret meaning, i.e. to reveal the self to itself.


Workshop video