Catalina Rueda - cop-out

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cop-out is searching and yearning. Doesn't know how to hope, anymore.

Composer: Catalina Rueda

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Catalina Rueda was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1989, grew up in Cali and has lived in Hamburg since 2011. She completed her Bachelor's degree in composition and music theory at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre with Manfred Stahnke and is currently studying for her Master's degree with Gordon Kampe. In addition to her compositional work, she also devotes herself to improvisation and performance with piano and voice.

Influenced by folk, dance and electronic music, her musical language unfolds in acoustic space, embedded in a sequential harmony that never gets tired of creating new contexts for melody and tonality. S

he works regularly with ensembles such as Ensemble KNM Berlin, Asian Art Ensemble, Lux Nova Duo, Mirror Strings, the Kölner Vokalsolisten, Trobar e Cantar, the Aachen Theatre Orchestra, the Duisburg Philharmonic, the Stuttgart State Opera and the Phoenix Ensemble Munich. Interdisciplinary collaborations with directors including Mien Bogaert, Pia-Rabea Vornholt, Lisa Pottstock, Annett Stenzel, Josef Bairlein. Her music has been performed at several festivals including KNM Contemporaries, Blurred Edges, Neue Musik in Husum, Acht Brücken Festival in Cologne. Her music has been awarded the Acht-Brücken-Festival Prize and the Music Theatre Prize of the Reinhold Otto Mayer Foundation.