Håkon Guttormsen - Kivlemøyane I

Workshop performance video

Kivlemøyane (The Kivle Maids) is the popular name of three dairy maids in Seljord, Telemark, who according to legend were turned to stone. This Norwegian legend tells of three maids who played their horns during mass. Their music was so beautiful that all the attendants were distracted, and went out to listen to them instead of the priest. This angered the priest, who cursed the girls and turned them to stone. They are still visible in the mountain. The legend also formed the basis for a number of Norwegian folk tunes, one of which I have adapted into this string quartet.

Composer: Håkon Guttormsen

Composer photo
Photo of: Håkon Guttormsen

Håkon Guttormsen is a Norwegian composer based in Denmark studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen.


Workshop video