Hoi-ching Yeung - Stormy Carnival next to the Creek

Workshop performance video

This piece is about a fantasy of journey in a carnival during a serious storm.
What if everyone is not coming because of the weather?
What if you are the only one in the carnival?

Are you lonely?


Composer: Hoi-ching Yeung

Composer photo
Photo of Hoi-ching Yeung

Hoi Ching (Alice) YEUNG was born and raised in Hong Kong. She is an active composer, arranger and instrumentalist who is enthusiastic about exploring new definition of music from human nature and philosophy. YEUNG is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Music (Honour) Degree (Major in Composition and Electronic Music) at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, under the supervision of Prof. Clarence Mak, Ms Poly Ng and Dr. Pui-shan Cheung. YEUNG was chosen as one of the representative students to participate the music exchange activities in Seoul National University. She was also participated as a composer and violist in “SPARK: The Science and Art of Creativity Festival” organised by the British Council. Her works range from instrumental solo pieces to large-scale ensemble music and improvisational pieces. She composed music with various styles which were characterised by her life, emotions and philosophical nature.