Josef Schultewolter - Music for Dry and Wet Clouds

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I really like the effect of sudden key changes in late romantic and impressionistic and wanted to write a piece about it.

I wanted the changes to be clearer so I decided only to work with clouds having various qualities allowing those qualities which would normally be in background roles to come forward as the protagonist instead.

Composer: Josef Schultewolter


I'm Josef Schultewolter born in 1999 in Cologne

I'm currently studying composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln under Brigitta Muntendorf.

I began composing about three years ago when I studied philosophy and really like that I'm able to combine philosophy and the way it works with music (I always consider my composition process as philosophizing with tones) I started studying composition in 2019 but i still have some archievements like a small recording with the Jack Quartet or a public concert at the alte Feuerwehrwache in Cologne.

I'm composing because I believe that I'm able to make the world a little more colourful and hope that people can find new perspectives on music and the world in general when they're listening to my work.


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