Lucio Tasca - Falling Blue

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Falling Blue focuses on fragility as a mean to create temporal depth inside the musical material itself. In this case, the fragility manifests itself through (un)-expected micro-oscillations, little imperfections, and timbral nuances. I attempted to treat the musical material as an open field where fragile micro-details can proliferate. My aim is that, through these micro-details, the perception of the same musical event is one of subtle continual change. The piece is inspired by Agnes Martin’s homonymous painting. In this painting, a very objective and static starting point, namely a grid, acquires a subjective, introspective, and evolving temporal dimension through the (un)-expected imperfections of its lines.

Composer: Lucio Tasca

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Lucio Tasca is a composer and guitarist born in Palermo (Sicily), based in the U.K. His music focuses on repetition, gradual transformation and fragility, with a non-goal-oriented approach. He studied composition with Bryn Harrison and Aaron Cassidy at the University of Huddersfield, where he is now undertaking a Ph.D. Recent pieces have been performed by Francesco Dillon, Ensemble Impronta, Christopher Redgate, Dejana Sekulic, OHHe Supercluster, Philip Thomas and Kathryn Williams among others. Recent album releases include One Breath for solo Flute in Kathryn Williams CD Coming up for Air (Huddersfield Contemporary Records), and as guitarist, music by Ryoko Akama, recorded with Apartment House (Another Timbre) and music by Federico Pozzer (Another Timbre).


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