Marco Noia - 3 Miniatures

Workshop performance video

3 Miniatures is a piece that reflects a research on the differences between ordinary, harmonic sounds and residual inharmonic sounds, trying to make these different parts of the timbre communicate harmoniously. The stories underneath the notes all born from my imagination. “Adagio” starts to describe a tedious morning, where nothing seems to happen, but is actually just preparing for something new. Actually this movement is collecting the articulation, dynamics, figures and gestures of the subsequent movements, in a sort of prologue. “Sussurri” means whisperers. My aim was to describe the action of tuning the radio into a specific frequency. Most are static noises and crackling sounds, with some “real pitches” passing away or shifting down. At the end of the movement the frequency is right and is possible to hear the right melodic pattern just before turning off the radio. “Scherzo” start with a frightening chord in mezzo-forte followed by a creepy movements that suggest anxiety. The dynamic seems fading away when another episode suddenly appear, just like ghosts. This time the only option is running away, in a daring escape. In the moment when all seems calm and the place safe, the last three note in fortissimo with legno battuto will end the piece without leaving any doubt about the ending.

Composer: Marco Noia

Composer photo
Photo of Marco Noia

Born in Rome in 1984, he began studying piano with Cinzia Bartoli with which he graduated brilliantly in "Conservatorio Santa Cecilia" in Rome. He attended Piano masterclasses with M° Cristina Ortiz, M° Roberto Cappello, M° Alessandro Bonanno, M° Luigi Francalanza, graduate with honors in Composition at the Conservatory “A. Casella” of L'Aquila with Claudio Perugini and holds the Master of Arts degree in Composition and Theory at the “Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano)”, in the class of Nadir Vassena, Giovanni Verrando, Sylviane Sapir. He has studied with some of the most world-famous composers and performers such as: Salvatore Sciarrino, Franck Bedrossian, Barbara Maurer, Mats Scheidegger, Daniele Ghisi, Bun-Ching Lam, Deqing Wen, Andrea Agostini, Chong Kee Yong, Ingrid Stölzel, Dieter Mack, Moritz Ernst. Always interested in other cultures and music, it’s own research is therefore based on trans-cultural experiences where eastern and western traditions and philosophies are melted in a unique entity. The result of these processes, where are often involved extra-musical concepts, is a sonic action that has no barriers about language and technique, where the differences are enhanced and all can be made if it does make sense in the piece. All musical aspects are pushed to perception limits, in order to create new worlds of sounds. Him music has been performed in Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand. Nowadays he actively work as Composer, Arranger, Pianists, Engraver, Transcriber and Teacher. Since 2008 he teach Piano, Composition, Harmony, History of Music, Ear Training, Music notation software, Semiography of Music.