Soeui Lee - Dejavu

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The String Quartet for Dejavu reflects the life time of experiences of the composer including her studies of dreaming, the visual arts and Korea traditional musical instrument infused within modern compositional techniques. The playing techniques of Korean traditional musical instrument would manifests the musical gestures of Nong-hyun, Toong-chym, Choo-sung, and Twae-sung. Intervallic progression express the phenomenon of dreaming is expressed through the techniques of marbling, collage, and decalcomanic transference are shown through texture, and Korean traditional music is shown through gestural expression. Gesture, expressed in contrasting smaller and larger duration, is emphasized through short pizzicato and down-bow strokes and longer glissando and harmonics. The Korean traditional musical instrument techniques of Nong-hyeon, is shown through using expanding wide vibrato. The textural layers of the work portrays appearing and absorbing dream-like scenes inspired by diverse and modern marbling techniques.

Composer: Soeui Lee

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Photo of Soeui Lee

Soeui Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea, and she grew up in UK at an early age with music education in Bradford and Manchester. She studied piano at childhood and studied composition and music theory at the Kyungwon University(Gachon University), Seoul, South Korea with bachelor’s degree between 2004-2008. She studied Master’s degree at Ewha woman’s University, Soeul, South Korea between 2008-2011 and selected visiting program student at the Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, USA, between 2011-2012. Between 2013-2017, she took Hanyang University doctoral program degree composition department, and graduated first doctoral program in composition department . Lee was awarded string quartet “Dejavu” and premiered at the contemporary music society in Busan and “Dejavu” was performed by Indiana University Summer music composition recital at in USA, in 2010. At the same year, expanded version of String quartet “Dejavu” performed Korean composition association that named Korean Music Expo in 2010 at Seoul Arts Center, this work for her master’s graduation thesis in 2011 and this piece was commissioned by the National Academy of Arts of The South Korea 60th anniversary concert at Seoul Arts Center in 2014. In addition, She presented her composition work received a commissions from Korean Arts council, The National Academy of Arts of The Republic of Korea and awarded piece Daegu international music festival, Timf Ensemble, Changakhoe, Korean music Expo. When she was a student, She selected scholarship student Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra residence composer Unsuk Chin and Tongyeong International Music Festival academy residence composer Salvatore Sciarrino.