Will Frampton - Science and Poetry

Workshop performance video

Science and Poetry takes it's name from the 2013 work by British Moral Philosopher Mary Midgley. The piece reflects some of the dualisms that Midgley deals with in her work, and this can be heard most clearly during the works finale where the ensemble is split into two groups. The violins share an overlapping melody at the top of their register, whilst the viola and cello cycle through a chord progression first heard at the works introduction. The work was written and first performed as part of the Peter Reynolds Composers Studio for the 2019 Vale of Glamorgan Festival.

Composer: Will Frampton

Composer photo
Photo of Will Frampton

Will Frampton is a composer whose works have been commissioned and performed by ensembles such as the Orchestra of Opera North, Allegri Quartet, Quatuor Danel, Ligeti Quartet, Berkeley Ensemble and Psappha Ensemble; whose performance of Will’s trio The Greening Variations received BBC Radio 3 airplay. A recording of Will's song cycle setting ancient Babylonian texts Enuma Elish, performed by Marsyas Trio and Soprano Rachel Duckett, was released 2018. Will was awarded a PhD in composition from the University of Manchester in 2020. Will is one half of the electronic music duo ‘The Keeling Curve’ alongside violinist Rhiannon Bedford. The duo have released two E.P.s as well as receiving awards from both a Sound and Music, and Arts and Heritage and have also written music for Whatstick and Proxemics theatre companies.


Workshop video