Yuyang Li - Dance, misery!

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As I kept writing the piece it started to sound more and more like a dance to me (a crooked dance that doesn't really go anywhere), and generally the piece feels like something that keeps trying to reinvent itself and go somewhere, but because it centers around a handful of harmonic/motivic ideas it doesn't really manage to do that. I took the quote "dance, misery!" from waiting for godot as the piece's title because I feel like the play explores similar themes of trying to go somewhere/waiting for something to happen but ending up at the same place, and I always felt like Lucky's dance is a bit like trying to compose (we try really hard to entertain/create something meaningful but often it ends up not being really good...)

Composer: Yuyang Li

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Yuyang Li is an aspiring composer from Shanghai, China. Yuyang has composed for recitals both in school and ourside, collaborating with members of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Yuyang is currently studying with Mark-Anthony Turnage at the Royal College of Music as a James Horner Scholar supported by the Boltini Trust Scholarship