Venue: Firth Hall, University of Sheffield


Firth Court
Western Bank
S10 2TN
United Kingdom

Events at this venue

May 2019


  • 6:45pm: Pre-concert talk with Cliff Kerr
  • 7:30pm: Concert

What does the brain sound like? Neuroscientist and composer Cliff Kerr explores what happens when performers become composers by translating their brain activity in real time into musical scores. Leveraging recent advances in non-invasive EEG hardware and time series analysis methods information is extracted from the brain.

November 2018

CeNMaS: Open Workshop

This is the second of two CeNMaS workshops with 8 selected composers (Robin Haigh, Sarah Lewis, Ben Lunn, Alex Mills, Helen Papaioannou, Lisa Robertson, Laura Shipsey, Peter Wilson), who have each created a 6-minute piece for string quartet.

November 2018

Sense (Music on the Mind)

How does limiting our senses change how we experience music? The Ligeti Quartet examine ‘sense’ in the first instalment of a series of concerts exploring music and the brain.

Be immersed in pitch darkness for an intense perceptual experience with music by Georg Friedrich Haas. Explore deeply personal dialogues between composer/singer/writer/TV personality Kerry Andrew and her experiences of hearing in the world premiere of tInNiTuS sOnGs. To see is as much as to hear in music by Helmut Lachenmann where the string quartet is reduced to raw materials of wood, metal, string, and hair.

We're thrilled that Kerry Andrew will be joining us in the performance of tInNiTuS sOnGs for this concert.

April 2018

Sheffield Composes

We will perform music by composers from the University of Sheffield Department of Music, where we are in residence.
April 2018

Phantom Voices (Sheffield)

Amplified string quartet and electronic music explores the ways psychoacoustic effects can be exploited to make the whole seem greater than the sum of its parts.
December 2016

A Child's Christmas in Wales, and other stories

With narrator Matthew Bulgo

A festive fairytale treat for all the family, A Child’s Christmas in Wales chronicles Dylan Thomas's own childhood memories and remains one of his most popular and loved works.

In this wonderful adaptation for strings, step into December days ‘as white as Lapland’, where mischief is easily found, snowballs are hurled, and the curious grownups are shrewdly observed.