Tuvan Songbook

Date of composition
19 Minutes
  1. Dyngylday
  2. Eki Attar (The Best Steeds)
  3. Kuda Yry
  4. Ezir-Kara (Black Eagle)

Commissioned by the Ligeti Quartet, with the generous support of the Britten-Pears Foundation, the RVW Trust, and St John's Smith Square.


Events for this work

December 2021

Quartet Varmints

Ligeti Quartet return to Kings Place with a showcase of new music by Anna Meredith and Christian Mason, two of the most influential and celebrated composers on the London scene.
February 2017

Concert at Kings Place: Melodicles

This concert showcases the expansion of the string quartet repertoire to include music from beyond the Western classical tradition. Christian Mason’s Tuvan Songbook is part of a series of Songbooks to be commissioned by the Ligeti Quartet, each based on a tradition of overtone singing from around the world. ‘Melodicles’ is a musical concept invented by American composer Lou Harrison, whose centenary is celebrated in 2017. His String Quartet Set borrows from medieval European and Eastern influences.